Monthly Archives: June 2017

Kashekuro 2017 Blog Day 9

'You are most welcome' Today, we crashed a wedding.. Today was a whole other experience We finalised all our work at Nyrautooma primary school, we had a very traditional lunch at the home of the parish priests, and we even witnessed 2 complete strangers declare their love for each other. I haven't got a clue…
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Kashekuro 2017 Blog day 8

This morning was an early start to make sure we were on time for the clinical check up and what a turn out for day #1 no words can describe the look on people's faces after getting their first pair of glasses and being checked out. As we got to the school not many children…
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Kashekuro 2017 Blog Day 7

Another beautiful day in paradise.  We hit the road at 8.15am and headed for the Nyarutooma Medical  Clinic to drop off Tahlia (Our very own nurse)  who volunteered to help prepare for the community medical check ups to take place tomorrow and Saturday.  On the way, the other workers were left at the school to…
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