Monthly Archives: June 2017

Kashekuro 2017 Blog Day 2

I don't  even know where to begin Today was jam packed full to the brim with adventure and food and emotions We cuddled with the most beautiful babies you'll ever see, we learnt extensively and maybe even excessively about goats, we sat and talked with absolutely beautiful children and learnt about them and their lives,…
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Kashekuro 2017 Blog Day 1

"Our African Adventures"  entry one, day one 02.06.2017 Hello Africa and goodbye Australia! BNE ➡️ ABU DHABI ➡️ KAMPALA This is hectic! From 25+ hours of travelling to security throwing my toothpaste away to a pasty mouth to becoming very confused and jet lag the count down is finally over... We are in Africa!! I…
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Kashekuro 2017 Ready to Fly

The team members are busy getting ready to meet at Brisbane International Airport.  After the Team Weigh In and Dinner last night we are all on a high and ready to fly. For some members it will be their very first experience in being and doing humanitarian work in a third world country. For others…
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