Kashekuro 2017 Blog Day 14 Kampala Bound

It is 8.06am and the team's back on our trusty green bus and passing through the Mweya and Safari Gates for the last time, well for this trip anyway. We said goodbye to Tahlia and Bonny at Ishaka as they head further south for the gorilla trek and we will see them back at the guest house in Kampala on Saturday.

The rest of the team, along with Stephen, our driver, George who drove the gorilla trek vehicle to Ishaka and Lisa, a employee at the Mweya Safari Lodge who needed a lift back to Kampala settled in for the seven hour trip.

We had the obligatory refreshment stop at the equator for a drink, a snack and a quick look at a couple of souvenir shops

After nearly ten and a half hour on the road, four pit stops and one refreshment stop we left the quiet rural village life, where the air is clean even though it was a bit dusty due to the dry season, and the lush green vegetation. We are now back in the hustle and bustle and the chaotic traffic of Kampala. Though a bonus of being back in Kampala and staying at Adonai Guest House is Francis' cooking and the friendliness of Sarah and the rest of her house staff.

The highlight for me was seeing a baby elephant just off the side of the highway approximately 250km from Queen Elizabeth National Park. Of course no one believed me and as we were travelling on the main road between Mbarara and Kampala Stephen could not slow down or pull over so that my claim could be validated.

Tomorrow's adventure will be a tour of Kampala.
Until tomorrow, bye from the team.


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  1. Monique Moore
    Love that you get to see the 'best of both worlds' in Uganda. Absolutely jealous of Tahlia & Bonnie on the Gorilla trek, can't wait to hear about it!
  2. I believe you Julie. (Was the elephant pink in colour and with wings?) Ha ha. I am excited you will get to see Sara and the children. Would so love some pics as would Sr. Veronica and the children from St Michael's College who continue to sponsor Sara's children. You must be so happy your team members have enjoyed their trip and achieved so much personally from the experience. Love to all. Ursula and Pete.

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