Kashekuro 2017 Blog Day 15 Back in Kampala

After our long drive yesterday we were able to have an easy morning, Stephen picked us up at 10 o'clock for our 'Tour of the City & Shopping'. The team saw a few sights of the Kampala city centre before we went shopping at the African Village. The traffic was horrendous, Stephen makes it so easy and is so patient when dealing with city driving. We passed a fresh food market and also managed to nearly gate crash another wedding, this time at the Anglican Cathedral in Kampala. Unlike the previous wedding in Kashekuro we were not allowed inside the Cathedral or to take any photos. Though l did take a photo before we were told NO PHOTOS!!!!

Due to all the traffic jams we ended up having a very late light lunch close to our accommodation, Adonai Guest House as it was already just after 3pm.

After the excitement of buying gifts for family members at the 'African Village' and our city travels in all that traffic, it will be an early night for the team as we will be doing more sightseeing again tomorrow.

Until then, l will say good night.

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