Kashekuro 2017 Blog Day 11

Today was a great day as it was dedication day.. The team was so excited today to finally appreciate all the hard work we have done raising funds and finishing the touch ups that needed to be done....
It was also a very emotional day for some as it was the last time we would see all the children we've grown attachments to... As we began the ceremony the kids got into class rows and sung us their national anthem... With such pride may I add... Then went on to unveil the plate which was done by the head boy and girl of the school.
We then began planting trees... A lot of them were mango trees... Which will become useful to the teachers and students for many years to come.. We all got to plant our own so every time we go back we've got something to admire and watch grow into something beautiful.. Then it was time for lunch... As we stood along side teachers serving all the students food and drinks... As we progressed into the day we had speeches which were amazing and felt so rewarding after hearing all the comments.. Especially one.. (We were not expecting girls we were expecting strong men) and couldn't believe how we got in there and worked as a team to complete the building with the help of builders that had renovated the school before painting.
Children from the school also performed singing and dancing and boy were they just amazing and quite a few had lovely mesmerising voices.. The school also gave us a plarc as a gift so we would remember them and the work we had done.. Which was just lovely. as it was time to go we said our goodbyes and as we drove off they run up along the side waving which made my day... We made a quick stop bye at the hot springs and a few members of the team were totally captivated by the sites..
All in all today will be a day i will never forget and will cherish the memory for the rest of my life...

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  1. Mikaya, you have done it again. My heart cries out to be there with you all experiencing the love. What a great day you had at the dedication. Maybe if you ask Terry and Julie nicely they might send the plaque around so you can all have turns to display it at home. What a wonderful idea to plant Mango trees, the fruit of which will help feed the children and they can play under the shade as well. We are so pleased you are all enjoying the experiences as individuals and as team members. Maybe when you all return you might consider continuing your work as active HPI volunteers and get involved in other teams. We read in the Good Book how there is much work in the vineyard but so few workers. So it is in our world. It is always hard to say good bye but you have been planted in Australia and it is here you can do much for those who need your help in places like Uganda. Thank you all for your blogs and beautiful insights into your experiences. Love Ursula & Pete.

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