Uganda 2018 Team Trip – Day 10 On Safari

The Team is officially on R & R leave. We left the Tuzza Hotel in Bushenyi just before 6am for what should have been no more than an eight hour drive to Murchinson National Park (MNP), in "The Green Machine"
As we headed out Tony said we are right on schedule, this then became the word for the day.

Fort Portal was our first port of call for breakfast/ morning tea / restroom / shopping stop. The trip so far took us through many little villages where we saw children walking many kilometers to school and it was still dark. Then through tea plantations, the eastern Rift Valley then through Queen Elizabeth National Park. At this stage we were on schedule for our journey to MNP. Then the roads deteriorated and after doing 270km in 8 1/4 hours we knew that we had blown our schedule as we still had another 180 km's to go and the roads were not improving. The last ferry left the southern side of MNP to cross the Nile River at 7pm to reach the Safari Lodge. At 6.47pm Bonny had to pickup the MNP Permit to allow us to enter, the minutes were ticking by and we still did not have our permit, the process was so slow. Bonny finally had the permit, Stephen had The Green Machine in gear as Julie opened the door for Bonny to jump in as we took off at 6.57pm for the final 750m dash to the ferry. But in true Ugandan time we arrived right on schedule only to see the ferry still on the other side of the river.

We arrived at the lodge at 7.55pm after fourteen hours on the road, but what an adventure!!! We saw the sun rise and set, many baboons, water bucks, buffalos, hippos in the Nile River and a lioness right beside The Green Machine.

We are all looking forward to our first game drive tomorrow morning.

Until our next post, l will sign off.


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