Uganda 2018 Team Trip – Day 11

Today started early, before dawn. Everyone keen to go on a game drive. Although I feel there was still a bit of weariness among the group after the long drive the previous day. The green machine was ready and waiting with the viewing roof lifted, driver Stephen at the wheel ready to go, when we spotted three giraffes about 200 metres from the lodge. This seemed like a good omen, not yet having started the drive and seeing animals already. This proved to be the case, we had a fantastic game drive seeing lots of animals up close and personal. Our guide Deo gave us a running commentary on all the animals that were sighted. These included giraffes, buffalo, wart hogs, elephants and all the antelope species as well as lots of birds. I must say that due to the extended wet season that has just finished the park looks a picture with plenty of feed for the abundance of animals. They all look well fed and healthy. During the drive we experienced a magnificent sunrise( see photo previous post). At the conclusion of the drive it was back to Pakuba Lodge for a well earned breakfast.

After a wonderful meal we all went for a short drive to the nearest town where Bonny had some business to attend to. While there Claire and Cindy became caught up in some retail therapy. It involved 3vendors selling wooden carvings and then ended up with about 10 vendors in the end all pushing to sell their wares only problem was they were all selling the same things. A bit hard to get away from them.

After lunch, there was a boat ride up the Nile River to the bottom of the Murchinson Falls. Along the way we saw elephants, hippos, crocodiles, water buck and numerous bird species. With the recent wet season the river is running fairly high making the falls very spectacular, it will be good to see the top of the falls on saturday on the return to Kampala. When we returned from the trip it was a short game drive back to the lodge where we passed a large herd of Cape buffalo numbering over a 1000 or more, quite an impressive sight.

Arriving back at the lodge it was time for drinks, showers and getting ready for dinner to end the day and prepare ourselves for another fantastic day tomorrow.
Bye,  Jjaja

Just an hour after sunrise.

Snapped on our way back to breakfast.

Murchinson Falls

Hippos in the Nile River.


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