Uganda 2018 Team Trip – Day 6

It takes 4 people to hang a clock!!

Hi All,

The reluctant Blogger here to enlighten you about Day 6 of our Ugandan oddessey.

The day started with breakfast at 7am on the dot, Stephen's time. Morning meal over, it was into the green machine and off to the school for a day's work on the school building we are repainting. It turned out to be a very frustrating day, everybody turned up on the same day to work on the building, we had the glazier as well as the welder working on the windows, the painters working on the inside of the classrooms and the builder repairing concrete edges, corners and window sills. There was not a lot of room for our team, Clair and Cindy managed to put the final coat on the ring beam before everything became too crowded.

Terry and yours truly were invited to attend a meeting of the Parish Council so missed most of the work at the school. The short meeting lasted two plus hours and was designed to encourage HPI to contribute a small amount of funds to complete the unfinished Parish Hall, not a huge contribution required only about 300 million shillings. I don't think so in the immediate future.

After the meeting it was back to the school for lunch and after lunch Terry reinstalled the clocks that were donated last year. Some were missing, some broken during the refurbishment. Work finished for the day, we said our goodbyes to all at the school and headed back home to the Tuzza Hotel. While on our way home we had to stop for lemons at the markets and also a stop at a material shop for some fabrics to take home. The stop at the material shop was an experience, more could be said but l will leave it there.

One of the things l enjoy most on these trips is the travelling around and being able to observe the people and culture of this lovely country, Uganda, such a diverse mix.

It is good to have Bonny with us again. Bonny our guide and Stephen our driver are two of the most beautiful people. To them nothing is too much trouble and they go out of their way to make our stay here a most pleasant experience.

Back at the hotel is was into the showers and down to the garden bar for cool drinks and to unwind before dinner. We will be able to sleep a little later tomorrow as we have a later start, breakfast at eight then off to church at the refurbished St Paul's Church across the road from Nyarutooma Primary School.

Although today was not a productive day it was still a great day as is every day here.

Bye for now Jjaja Tony.

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