Uganda 2018 Team Trip – Day 7

Over 600 locals attended the service.

Day , well what day is it? Time doesn’t seem to matter so much anymore.
Anyway it’s Sunday!
We went to the local Church and joined the local Sunday service.
Honestly, I am an a atheist but I respect different beliefs as you can only enjoy the world with an open mind I guess.
Arriving at the church you could already feel the buzzing and bubbly atmosphere. Word had spread that the mazungu’s had arrived and a wonderful bunch of colourful happy people met us at the entrance.
Dennis guided us to our Seats at the side of the church.
Never ever had I seen such a large group of people in a church, maybe when I went with school when was I little, but we didn’t have any choice back then.

I was pretty excited to see a Ugandan service and we started off  with a blast, everybody started dancing and singing, clapping and laughing from the first minute.
I remember the boring recites back home, when I was a child, in Latin, nobody understood a word but everybody was forced to listen. Don’t get me wrong I didn’t learn the local language the past week but I didn’t feel the need in understanding what was said. I absorbed all exciting things that were happening as a sponge.
During this service anything was possible. All that mattered was that you enjoyed. You could talk, clap, dance, jump around and that is how you get people engaged.
During the service I had the privelage to meet Cosmus, a young boy that had suffered from cancer. In our Western society you would take your kids to the best possible doctors and give them the best possible care. Here people dont have easy access to these resources. Terry And Julie took it to heart and took care of his treatment. Now this young boy has a future. You just see that Julie and Terry genuinly care about what happens with him and the whole community just cared with them.
No selfishness, just one big group of lovely people and I realised that religion here brings people together. They all have a safe haven in the church.
After the ceremony we had a traditional lunch offered by the Parish community, people donated food and their time to cook and cleanup. I also enjoyed this no nonsense gathering. There was no pretending, no muscle rolling just a relaxing lunch.
I had the opportunity again to interact with the local children, playing and communicating with them is something I really enjoy. These kids are so open, curious and caring. They look after each other and form a big group. No room for electronic devices or fancy toys.
I start to miss my own kids and l wish l could share this experience with them.

One day I will take them.

Good night,


Cosmus and Terry sharing a hug during the service. had half of his lower jaw removed.

Heading to the school for the Parish Lunch.

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