Uganda 2018 Team Trip – Day 8

The painting is completed!!!

Today we worked with gusto to ensure we completed the final painting of the school building.

It was a full team effort and the results reflected the fantastic input. Thankfully the weather was on our side, with enough sun and breeze to quickly dry each coat of paint ready for the next.

Working with the builder Desi and head painter Joseph was a pleasure. They supported our vision across the past few days and will continue with the finishing touches for window trimmings and inside the classrooms.

Overall, we are very pleased with the final result, which now sees all buildings on the school premises in unison.

We look forward to showing the school staff and students the plaque on the completed administration and four classroom block tomorrow. The quality and efficiency in which we worked was tremendous.

A job well done!


Before we commenced work on the 2 classroom block.

The first stage of repainting the 2 classroom block.



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