Uganda 2018 Travel Team – Day 12 Hakuna Matata

Hakuna matata
This is An amazing place
Hakuna Matata
Stop the time and pace
Here are no worries
Wish I could stay here for the rest of my days....
At this moment I am problem free, my new philosophy
Hakuna Matata! (It means no worries)

Yes, also today I did meet Pumba, Timoh, Simba and Dumbo. If I didn’t love Uganda for what happened the last week I would totally love it now.
I can’t shake the feeling that I am walking in a fancy painting. How can all these bright colours be real? Murchinson Falls is a treat for the eye.
We left bright and early at 6am and went scouting for lions. After passing an elephant family with baby, the landscape changed a bit. The grass got a bit thicker and we could see different bushes. We arrived at lion territory. Claire and me were sitting on top of the roof of "The Green Machine", this resulted in epic views. And all of a sudden we saw 2 lionesses. Totally unimpressed of the présence of our green truck the lions were just relaxing under a tree. Yawning! It seemed that they had a filling breakfast and couldn’t care less of me taking pictures like a professional papparazi.
All of a sudden 5 cubs appeared from under one of the gigantic African trees.
Nature can be overwelming and we just absorbed the beauty of it all.
After the safari we had a quiet day of reflection and rest. Well not actually much reflection for me as I found it difficult to relax after being so busy the past days.

By the time the sun went down we headed off for 1 more trip out in the open.
Again we were treated by the beautiful sight of elephants, giraffes and hippo’s.
Looking out over the river Nile is always breathtaking.
Claire and me were sitting on top of "The Green Machine" while driving around when we arrived lion territory again.
We saw a lioness on our right side and a few seconds later also one on our left side. A huuuge male one. You can only imagine how intimidating this was. Surrounded by two lazy lions looking very amused to see us. Exposed on top of the van I did feel a bit uncomfortable. We were told they don’t jump on top of cars but what if one of them decided to be a little different today. Again it was amazing to be so close to them.
It was a great image to close our day with.


Stand in photo of one of the lion cubs we saw.

More muzungas!!!!

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