Uganda 2018 Travel Team – Day 13

We left the Pakuba Safari Lodge bright and early to start our journey back to Kampala.

Arriving at the ferry pier to take us across the Nile River, we were treated to a jam session by some local musicians who called themselves! "Hot Music in the Park". Playing a variety of native instruments and singing in harmony, they wowed is with their talents.

Our activity for the morning was to make it to the top of Murchison Falls, and goodness it was worth it!

The sheer power of the water thundering down as it funnels it’s way through a narrow passage barely wider than 5 metres, to straight drop of 49 metres was incredible!
As we enjoyed natures power, we were sprayed from every angle with the refreshing mist of the Nile River.
Truly a magnificent experience!

Taking a much needed break after another few hours on the road, we pulled into a little town called Kafu for lunch and coffee.

After that we completed our drive to Kampala, again receiving a warm greeting from Chef Frances and the friendly staff of Adonai House.

Ready for a good nights sleep before our final day in Uganda and the flight home.

Definitely a trip of a lifetime!


Hot Music in the Park.

Claire and her dad at Murchinson Falls

Pakuba Safari

Sharing the road on our way back to Kampala

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