Uganda 2018 Travel Team – Day 14

Our last day in Uganda, one tinged with both joy and sadness -
joy because our team managed to complete the task set before it, that of assisting in the refurbishment of the third classroom block, and thereby completing the upgrade of the entire school -
sadness because we had to leave our beloved Uganda and the children, teachers and friends at Kashekuro and our guide Bonny and driver Stephen.

Breakfast at 8am today, again superbly prepared by chef Francis and the staff at Adonai Guest House, before loading the green machine and climbing aboard for the half hour trek into Kampala city. Bonny, Julie and Terry attended the Watoto church service while Stephen, Tony, Claire and Cindy explored the central markets for souvenirs and gifts.

We all met up again for lunch at Java Cafe topped off with huge slices of cake for Claire and Cindy which predictably proved to be too much for them, much to Stephen's delight as he scored a take-home pack. Then followed the hour plus trip to the airport for our final "goodbyes" to Bonny and Stephen. Tony headed home via Addis Ababa on Ethiopian Airlines while the other 4 departed via Kenya Airways to Nairobi.

I think it is fair to say that our team is very happy with what it has been able to achieve by compassionately supporting the people of the Kashekuro community to give them some hope for the future, especially by providing the educational opportunity for the children. This was not done without some sacrifice and difficulties along the way. I am personally very proud of each and every member of the team; thank you all. To top it all off, we enjoyed the best safari we have ever experienced in the 7 trips to Uganda our organisation has undertaken since 2008.

Where to from here? It seems very likely that HPI will return to Uganda as there is more work to be done; further upgrading of the clinic, building a boarding house for the school boarders and possibly rebuilding the Kiryankuyege Refugee School we visited on our way to Kashekuro. Let's see what the HPI Committee decides to tackle.


"The Green Machine"

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