National Volunteers Week 2018

It's National Volunteer Week!! We'd like to thank ALL of our volunteers past & present for the many hours that you have contributed to the work of HPI. Since we run ONLY on volunteers, this includes all of our committee members, travel teams and fundraising event crew. We love and appreciate you all! I'd like to take this opportunity to thank some extra special volunteers -

Mike & Linda Norris | This couple are the real deal. Their heart for others including family, friends and strangers alike is unwavering. Even while having some serious health challenges in the past few years they have continued to be on the HPI Managing Committee, be actively engaged in their beautiful community and support HPI by spreading the word by doing talks and holding fundraisers. This couple is amazing and I’m SO glad they volunteer for HPI because there is no way we’d ever be able to pay them what they’re worth!

Rizsa Albarracin | Rizsa is not only on the HPI Management Committee but also on the Board for Shepherds Arms Children’s Home in Bohol, Philippines. Rizsa is passionate about helping the children in the Philippines and works tirelessly to support them in anyway she can. Her energy & enthusiasm is infectious so everyone around her wants to help as well. Even when ‘Life’ happens and there are challenges and obstacles in her way, Risza is the one to just get in and get it done.

Lisa Clarke | Lisa has been a huge supporter of HPI for years! She has donated prizes for raffles and volunteered her time at numerous events. We love Lisa’s heart for others and her willingness to give what she can, when she can. Her creativity and initiative to hold raffles in her own business to raise funds for HPI is what I especially admire about Lisa.

Jeanette Harvey | She is an absolute rockstar! Jeanette is adventurous, courageous and a born leader. Jeanette was recruited in 2009 and joined our 2nd ever team to Uganda! More recently she volunteered as a model at our Celebrating Mothers fundraiser, she is always a willing helper and has the most beautiful & welcoming smile. Today also happens to be her BIRTHDAY! So from everyone in HPI and all of the people you've blessed, have an amazing birthday!

Hannah Leckenby & Kirsty Clarke | To wrap up National Volunteers Week 2018, I’d like to thank and honour two of my darling friends, Hannah & Kirsty. Both of these ladies have full lives with work, study and family commitments yet they are always some of the first to respond to a fundraising event whether to volunteer or get a group together to attend. They both epitomise the NVW2018 theme ‘Give a little, Change a lot’ and for this we are grateful. For all the you do, even in a seemingly insignificant way, we Thank you ❤️💐🙌🏻 #NVW2018

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