Update on Two Day Medical Check-up

The medical check-up for HIV, Diabetes and eye testing was held on Friday 9th and Saturday 10th June for the local community.  The only advertising for the medical check-up was through the various church services and by word of mouth. Denis Nkwasibwe, our Project Manager and Senior Laboratory Technician estimated that we would have approximately one hundred and fifty people per day.

When we did the planning we allowed for two hundred people per day, three nurses, two lab technicians, two counsellors, one diabetic specialist, three eye specialists and one general practitioner, Dr Nin an Australian GP who is working in Fort Portal (approx. 170km from Kashekuro) for the past twelve months. AND, we needed 150 HIV testing strips, 150 blood sugar testing strips, swabs, cotton wool, disposable gloves, syringes, blood lancet packs and 218 pairs of reading glasses. Plus, multiple variety of eye drops, drugs for HIV and diabetes. Of course we needed to provide food, accommodation and transport for the medical team as well as bottled water for the medical team, staff and people attending.

Over the two days we had a team of fourteen assisting five hundred and forty four clients, plus organising and purchasing additional supplies late Friday afternoon, they carried out the following:

Diabetic screening - 391 with 29 needing re-testing and further treatment.
HIV screening - 245 with only 3 clients who tested positive and required further treatment.
Eye testing and treatment - 510. The team were overwhelmed by the number of people requiring assistance. All 218 pairs of glasses were issued and the remainder were issued with prescriptions, only a few will take this any further as the majority just cannot afford to buy prescription glasses.
Other - 1 ten year old boy, Cosmus who was diagnosed with Ameloblastic Carcinoma in the left hand side of his jaw in April 2015 and has not been operated on. It was organised for Cosmus and his mother to attend the Cancer Hospital in Kampala for more tests and we are awaiting on the biopsy results.

We are now in the process of sorting and sending another 280 pairs of glasses at a cost of $180 to post to Uganda. All in all we were very pleased with our first ever involvement in carrying out this type of project and with such positive feed back I am sure that it will not be our last "operation".


Ten year old Cosmus                                Tahlia still smiling after unloading 12 cases of water

'Now I can see clearly.' A new pair of glasses.



Waiting for your number to be called.                  Now waiting in line at the dispensary.

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